Potential of employees in every age group:
People over 50 have a particularly hard time in today's labor market. At Villiger, however, we are convinced that the expertise of this age group is very valuable, so we employ a large number of people over the age of 50. In our view, a mix of all age groups is necessary to develop creative and sound innovations; regardless of the department in which one works. In this way, younger people or apprenticeship graduates, whom we are happy to continue employing after they have completed their apprenticeship, also benefit from the wealth of experience of older colleagues. Whether in production, development or in the commercial area. We recruit our personnel with these values and a sustainable mindset.

Safety thanks to innovation:
With the development of ICOM (Intelligent Container Management), safe and convenient operation is achieved when emptying the waste systems. As a result, it is no longer necessary for the driving personnel to get out of the driver's cab during the emptying process and enter a possible danger zone. This also applies to other road users such as pedestrians. Villiger has thus perfectly coordinated the processes through automation and assistance systems, where safety sensors link every substep and check for safety requirements.

Access to waste disposal for all groups of people:
The Corona pandemic in particular has shown how important it is to work for global health in the fight against disease. We at Villiger are also involved and are thinking about how we can increase hygiene in waste disposal. Accordingly, we have developed the advanced "Hands-Free" foot pedal system. This eliminates the need to touch handles or flaps to dispose of waste. 
We also see access to waste disposal as important for all groups of people. People with physical disabilities have a particularly hard time in everyday life. It is therefore all the more important to remove barriers and obstacles to waste disposal for these people. Villiger equips the systems in such a way that they are also accessible to people with walking or visual impairments. The "Hands-Free" system as well as the barrier-free disposal is available for all product groups, some impressions are listed below.