In order to make infrastructures and industries sustainable, resources are to be used more efficiently and clean, environmentally compatible technologies and industrial processes are to be promoted by 2030. Villiger is committed to Goal 9 in that it promotes sustainable industrialization in developing and emerging countries. For example, Villiger works with companies from emerging economies such as Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

We strongly involve such companies in our operations and markets. In this way, we simplify the management of challenges that a company's development reveals. We have a high level of expertise in this regard, as our company history shows. For example, Villiger began some 30 years ago with the development and production of above-ground collection systems, followed by underground systems. Over the years, numerous innovations have been driven for underground pressing systems (Quadromat), lift systems (Lift-o-Mat), new Sub-Vil generation up to the ICOM solution. Through constant innovation (winner of the Real Innovation Award in 2017), Villiger managed to act today as a total provider in the waste management industry.
Companies from emerging countries should be able to benefit from this wealth of experience to move faster in industrialization. At Villiger, we believe that through such collaborations we can contribute to driving sustainable economic development.