Sustainable corporate philosophy from the very beginning
Already during the development of the products, Villiger pursues the goal of realizing solutions that are as sustainable as possible. The following points are in the foreground:
- modular construction
- long service life
- use of recyclable raw materials

According to our company philosophy, products are designed which are modular in construction. Due to this construction it is possible to implement subsequent equipment or extensions. The modular design significantly reduces the disposal of still usable materials. The long service life of our products distinguishes Villiger. We design our systems to be robust and resistant, so that they are in use for as long as possible. This saves resources and reduces waste. Accordingly, Villiger pays attention to the use of materials of the highest possible quality. Thus, our products consist of over 95% recyclable primary material such as steel. Discover our thoughts on the cycle between man & the environment. 

Maintenance & Service, Repairs, Upcycling
Proper maintenance of equipment is necessary to maintain the life of products. Villiger informs, trains and carries out maintenance and repair work on all systems, including those of competitors. We have a large stock of spare parts, so that in case of malfunction we can repair within 24 hours. Due to our in-house development and production, it is also possible to manufacture custom-made products or spare parts for third-party systems. In this way, we are able to make defective equipment functional again. This upcycling now plays a major role for us, so that we modify old and partly no longer usable equipment by means of custom-made products. We use, whenever possible, the existing components and adapt only partial components to obtain a functional and modernized plant. Let the following "after pictures" convince you.