Staff development

The wellbeing of our employees is very close to our hearts and forms the basis for the innovative and sustainable future of the Villiger Group. We attach great importance to providing a rich learning environment for young talent and to the development of our employees. Just as each and every one of us is unique, so we polish every rough diamond.

Rough diamonds


We are proud that many of our long-serving staff were former apprentices of ours. In every single one of them we see a rough diamond who can unleash their full potential through individual support and encouragement. That's why Villiger welcomes continuous professional development and employs many part-time staff. 
But Villiger values experience, too: as an employer, we certainly appreciate the experience of our staff in the "50 plus" age group. Employees with many years of know-how and the corresponding networks, particularly skilled workers and managerial staff, are increasingly being seen as an important target group. They are disciplined and exhibit enormous dedication and commitment to their work. We also encourage young talent, provide training with a practical focus and prepare them optimally for their future in the industry.

Villiger offers up to six new apprentice-ships a year in the following trades:
  • Merchant (Federal VET Diploma)
  • Designer (Federal VET Diploma)
  • Plant and apparatus engineer (Federal VET Diploma)
  • Production mechanic (Federal VET Diploma) 



Ideas management

The opinions of our staff are very important to us. Villiger considers the ideas and suggestions for improvement brought by all our rough diamonds and values their initiative. 
Thus, we offer our employees the opportunity to place their ideas and suggestions in a collection box. Each idea is reviewed and responded to.

about Villiger

Motivation, passion and engagement are what makes us who we are. One thing is certain: your succcess is what drives us each and every day!