Published on 4. May 2021

Impact of the pandemic


Villiger is feeling the effects of the Corona pandemic in many ways. On the one hand, because the official requirements have resulted in a drop in productivity due to compliance with the protective measures in our production, and on the other hand through the increased loss of personnel. Nevertheless, the well-being of our employees is very important to us, so compliance with the protective measures has top priority. On the other hand, our suppliers of sheet steel are currently no longer in a position to give us binding delivery dates, especially for galvanised sheet steel, which is mainly used for our products. According to our partners, the supply bottleneck is an effect of the capacity reduction of the steel plants as a result of the first lockdown. This consequently results in sharply rising steel prices due to the currently persistent surplus demand.

Our Corona staff team meets regularly to enable production in compliance with the relevant government requirements. A daily review of the status of the supply chain is also undertaken and influence is exerted to ensure that your interests are best served. We work hard to ensure that delays do not occur or are eliminated as quickly as possible.