Published on 3. April 2024

Seminar in Ticino: Enhancing Efficiency in Waste Management

Our seminar on "Enhancing Efficiency in Waste Management" in the picturesque region of Ticino was a resounding success. Guests from various industries experienced an informative day filled with engaging presentations and practical insights.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear inspiring cases presented by renowned guest speakers, showcasing innovative approaches to enhancing efficiency in waste management.

Following a delightful lunch at Hotel La Tureta, the program continued with a special highlight: a visit to a Quadromat underground waste press container. Here, guests had the chance to witness firsthand how this innovative technology operates and contributes to reducing waste volume and optimizing disposal processes.

The seminar not only provided a wealth of valuable information but also facilitated networking and exchange of experiences among professionals. It was an inspiring day that offered all participants new insights and impulses for their work in the waste management industry.