Published on12. November 2020

Sub-Vil Baléro 170 column

Dynamic, noble and beautiful - these are the words that describe the Sub-Vil Baléro 170 pillar. 

Villiger responds to the ever-changing customer needs and has therefore developed this new throwing pillar with the following advantages:

Volume: Due to the extended inner diameter of approx. 600 mm waste bags with a volume of 110 l can be easily disposed of. In addition, the column can be combined with the larger 6.5 m³ collection tanks.

Hygiene: due to the pandemic, increased hygiene requirements must be observed. As the throwing column can be equipped with a lid magnet and foot pedal, end users are no longer forced to touch parts of the container.

Design: The design of the Baléro 170 throwing column has been adapted to the Baléro 115 throwing column, so that this new column can be aesthetically integrated into the local image and combined with other throwing columns.



The modular system for individual solutions 

Sub-Vil systems make collection points disappear into the underground and ensure a well-kept cityscape. Our systems convince through their user-friendliness, large collection volumes and optimal management efficiency. All underfloor containers can be adapted to specific requirements, for example with a level sensor. Just as you wish!


The Baléro line convinces with its consistently functional design. It is available with a top slot or a lid with slot cover. This column is suitable for all fractions (types of waste) and can be supplemented with an access and filling level system. The Baléro line is compatible with all common emptying systems.



Greater collection volume reduces waste disposal journey

The Baléro 170 throwing column can be combined with the CU 200 C-D collection container, which has a filling volume of 6.5 m³. This modern collection container of the latest generation is characterized in particular by an increased sealing, which is achieved by means of overlapping bottom shells. 


Find out more about the new CU 200C-D collection container with 6.5 m³ content. 


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