Published on 2. September 2020

Villiger Compactor VC24 & Speed-Waste Lifter

With the "Speed-Waste-Lifter", Villiger is setting new trends in waste management. The trend for underfloor & overfloor container systems is unstoppable. With conventional disposal, up to 80 containers have to be emptied daily with manual control. This type of disposal entails an enormous additional expenditure of time and resources. With our latest innovations, the semi or fully automated lift system for mushroom containers, the "Speed-Waste-Lifter" and the "VILLIGER Compactor VC24" equipped with a screw compactor, you maximize efficiency!

Use the strengths

You determine how you work! We will show you the advantages of our "Speed-Waste-Lifters" and the "VILLIGER Compactor VC24". At the heart of this system are the fully automated and optimized processes.

In addition, this system can offer you the following:

  • A semi or fully automated lift system for containers with Pilz systems
  • An intelligent control system regulates all functions precisely and automatically, conveniently from the cab or optionally with the remote control
  • A lift that gives everything to relieve your employees
  • A fully automated collapse of the lift within the shortest time
  • Great CO2 and fuel savings due to efficient and fast emptying
  • A great cost saving with the collecting press, which is equipped with a screw