Published on25. September 2020

Villiger educates

Villiger offers various apprenticeships for these young talents - who will be the specialists of tomorrow. This year, we were again able to welcome our new vocational trainees at the beginning of the month. Asadi Ali and Mohebi Rohollah, who are still in the process of being granted asylum, were also able to start their apprenticeship with us as plant mechanics EBA thanks to early language training and with the help of participating offices.

Plant mechanic EBA/EFZ
As plant mechanics EBA/EFZ, Asadi Ali and Mohebi Rohollah learn how to maintain machines and plants. As a production company, Villiger has a versatile machine park. From punching & laser machines, press brakes to an in-house fleet of vehicles, regular maintenance is very important and is the main feature during the training. We are happy to involve our young talents in the optimization of existing and the installation and commissioning of new equipment.

Plant and apparatus engineer EFZ
Villiger also offers training as a plant and apparatus engineer (EFZ). During this training, professionals accompany our products through all stages of development, from the project planning phase, through production and final assembly, to commissioning. In cooperation with other specialists, they process orders and prepare technical documents. We are pleased that we have already filled the apprenticeship position for 2021. 

Design engineer EFZ
Custom-made products and innovative further developments are part of everyday life at Villiger. As an apprentice in the design department, the young talents learn to develop, model and design mechanical parts through to electronic devices. There is a wide range of activities in the field of development at Villiger. This is precisely why we involve our young talents from the concept phase through to the final practical production. We look forward to welcoming new young talents to our company in 2021!

Commercial employee/EFZ 
Vocational apprenticeship to become a commercial clerk at Villiger deepen their product knowledge from day one. The cooperation with the development and production departments is closely linked, thus promoting networked and practical thinking. As an internationally active company, Larissa Müller and Kevin Sadulov will be able to use foreign languages. During their apprenticeship at Villiger, they will visit the departments of administration, purchasing, sales, accounting and logistics, where the import and export processing represent a separate training block. We look forward to welcoming new young talents to our company in 2021!