Fill level

Sensors for a smart and efficient waste management: Our unique level system consists of sensors scan the inside of the collection containers and measure how full a container is.


Digitalization of the container locations
Using the web software, you can display all container locations with geopositions. You can also store which container categories are at the location and in what condition they are.

Visualization of the container locations
On the dashboard you see all your containers in a list and on a map. You always have an overview and can easily manage the routes of your drivers.

Digitalisation of fill levels
Up to now, your drivers have probably noted the fill levels of your collection containers on paper. Do you already use this information? Our solutions enable your drivers to record the fill levels with just a few fingertips. This information is then ready for digital evaluation in the dashboard.

Digital route cockpit
The route cockpit always allows you to keep an eye on all routes. Planning tools allow you to easily adapt your routes or even create completely new routes at any time. It also easy to manage substitute drivers.

Static route optimization
Based on your current static emptying rhythms, our algorithms calculate optimisation proposals. You can make these optimised routes available to your drivers without additional effort and manage them via the route cockpit.

Route simulation
Would you like to know what effects a vehicle, changed driving times or other impacts will have on your routes? With the route simulation tool, you simulate various events and their effects.

The dashboard provides you with all the information you need on one page about the cloud. You can clearly monitor the kilometres/miles driven by your vehicles, the number of routes, critical containers and much more.

Are you worried about missing important events too late? Not with the notifications feature! You can set up your notifications exactly to your requirements, e.g. if too many containers are overfilled for too long.

Interfaces and export functionality
The web software works perfectly with other systems. By interfaces you can import or export the data into other systems and vice versa. Container lists and routes can be exported at any time, e.g. to an Excel file.

Filling level monitoring by sensors
The sensors make your containers smart. The sensors measure the level at regular intervals and report the status to you. From now on you don’t have to evaluate how full the containers could be - you know it.

Data communication
You have no effort. We take care of the data transmission. We have attractive framework contracts with telcos. Our roaming contracts ensure that we always have access to the best possible network on site.

Dynamic route optimization
The sensors measure the level every hour. In the case of 1,000 containers, this already means 24,000 levels daily, which are located at different locations and are to be emptied by vehicles with different capacities. No problem for our algorithms. They automatically calculate the optimum routes for you every day.

Personal Consultancy

We are happy to consult you individually