Waste weighing

The digital pay system based on the polluter pays principle: We are constantly working on innovations and using technology to make products and processes even more efficient and sustainable. Our solutions are user-friendly and easily scalable.

Weight instead of volume
The waste is weighed when it is thrown in and charged directly to the user. Weight-based systems offer the most direct incentive for waste reduction: every kilogram of waste that is avoided, recycled or composted leads to direct savings. This system is easily understood by users and is considered fair.

The MFA Web software is responsible for data management. With the Vident access system the number of entries and the weight per user can be accounted for. In order to record this data in your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and charge the users for the costs, a CSV file can be easily exported via the MFA.

Access cards can also be used as prepaid payment cards. This can be quickly and conveniently recharged at any time using a payment machine. If a user throws in his waste, the weight is determined and debited directly from the credit balance. This gives users full cost control, and there is no additional expense for the waste management company.

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