Case Story

Quadromat system in Rotkreuz

11.06.2021 - Rotkreuz

At the residential area Suurstoffi in Rotkreuz (CH), four Quadromat systems collect the waste of around 5000 people.

The initial situation

Suurstoffi is a residential district, a recreational area and a workplace all in one, offering space for 1500 residents, around 2000 students and over 2500 jobs. This unique combination forms the basis for innovation. Revolutionary innovations and new technologies accompany Suurstoffi from development to construction and operation. Waste disposal must be designed to be as unobtrusive, efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. The project was launched in 2010 and implemented in stages.

The solution

The entire district was equipped with four Quadromat systems. They have been placed so that users can reach a collection point within a maximum of 2-3 minutes on foot. With the Quadromat system, waste collection is practically invisible. A press container with a volume of 12 -20 m3 is placed underground and from above only the casting column is visible. The waste is compacted on site, making optimal use of the volume. To empty the container, the platform can be removed from the ground and the container becomes accessible for emptying.